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Frequently asked questions

  1. What are the aims of First Steps Nutrition Trust?

    First Steps Nutrition Trust provides nutrition information and resources to support women who may become pregnant, pregnant women and parents of children under 5. The Trust offers evidence-based, objective information that is not sponsored by food manufacturers or retailers and which can be trusted as clear and accurate. The Trust is a registered charity and all the work produced will be freely available to all. Sign up to the newsletter to get regular updates about our work.

  2. How is the Trust funded?

    First Steps Nutrition Trust is funded by research or charitable grants and donations. No funds will be taken from any commercial organisation or any organisation or individual linked to the sales of infant formula, alcohol, soft drinks, tobacco, supplements or any other food or drink product or service which is associated with poor nutritional health of women and children. Individual donations and legacies are welcome.

  3. Where can I find out more information about the work that you do?

    Sign up for the newsletter and receive regular updates and links to newly published work.

  4. Do you have full-time staff and offices?

    First Steps Nutrition Trust is virtual and has no offices or full-time staff. All those who work for First Steps Nutrition Trust are qualified nutritionists, dietitians or other professionals and work freelance around other work that they do.

  5. I want someone to helpĀ me with an article I am writing. Can you help?

    It is impossible for us to answer individual queries about nutrition and health as we do not have the staff capacity to do that. If you have specific enquiries directly relating to work we have done, please email

  6. Who might be able to help me with my enquiry?

    One of the following organisations may be able to help you:

    The British Dietetic Association (
    The British Heart Foundation (
    The Nutrition Society (
    World Cancer Research Fund (

    You can also find other useful organisations by following the information links on the First Steps Nutrition Trust's web pages.

  7. I am looking for work experience. Can you help?

    We do not have any capacity to take work experience students.
Registered Charity No: 1146408