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Eating well: the first year
A guide to introducing solids and eating well up to baby's first birthday

(Updated to November 2017)
Eating well: the first year

This new guide provides information and practical advice on introducing solid foods to babies, with recipes and photos to show the sorts of foods, and amounts of foods, that will give them a good start to their eating journey. 

The information is in line with current policy in the UK and provides a pictorial guide which can be used to support families in the first year of their baby’s lives.

How to download this guide if you want to print it
To provide higher resolution pictures we have divided the report up into four sections that can be downloaded separately. Please be aware that printing the report will use a lot of ink – especially yellow ink (!) and when we have done it on a home printer it has used more than one cartridge, so you might find it cheaper to buy a hard copy if you are doing this yourself. You can find out how to order a hard copy here.

To print the higher resolution report in sections, click on the sections below:

Eating well: the first year
Introduction and up to 7 months

First Year: up to 7 months
Eating well: the first year
7-9 months

First year: 7-9 months
Eating well: the first year
10-12 months

First year: 10-12 months
Eating well: the first year
Other information

First year: additional info


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