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Eating well in pregnancy
Infant feeding
Eating well from birth to five


Additional Information & Resources

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Infants & New Mums
additional information and resources

For information on supporting breastfeeding women see the specific information sheet on this topic on this website.

Other useful information on infant feeding:

NHS Choices
NHS Choices provides information on all aspects of health in the UK.

Healthy Start
The government's Healthy Start programme provides financial support in the form of vouchers for food and vouchers for vitamins to young and low income pregnant women and families with children under 4 years. The website also offers information on a healthy diet during pregnancy and in the early years.

Information for families who choose to use infant formula
A number of organisations provide information on how to make up formula safely.  The report Infant Milks in the UK report produced by First Steps Nutrition Trust can be accessed on this website and provides regularly updated information on milks available in the UK.

Department of Health

Feeding your baby is a downloadable booklet from The Department of Health that covers many aspects of infant feeding (breast and bottle) such as preparation for breastfeeding, dealing with problems such as mastitis, a healthy diet for breastfeeding, and formula feeding – including preparation of bottles:

You can also access A step-by-step guide to preparing a powdered formula feed factsheet:

National Childbirth Trust (NCT)
Introducing formula milk:
Mixed feeding – combining breast and bottle feeding:

Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative

Guide to bottle feeding – how to prepare infant formula and sterilise feeding equipment to minimise risks to your baby is a downloadable booklet with information to support safe bottle feeding:

Preparing a bottle feed using baby milk powder is a leaflet with step-by-step illustrations:

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