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Eating well in pregnancy
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Infants & New Mums
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Eating well is essential for infants from the first day of life. Breastmilk is the bespoke food for a human infant. Breastfeeding ensures all the infants’ nutrient needs are met, encourages optimum infant development, protects the infants’ and mothers’ health in the short and long term - and of course supports a close and loving bond to develop between mother and child.

In order to protect breastfeeding it is important that all those who offer advice to families have accurate and unbiased information about infant feeding, including clear information about infant formula.

You can find all our independent resources on infant milks by clicking on the link 'Infant Milks Overview' (also found in the sidebar menu under 'Topics').

We also provide a range of resources to support new mums and their families to eat well, to support families who are eligible for Healthy Start vouchers and to support infants in their first year to move to solids in a safe, healthy and cost-effective way.

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