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May newsletter 2018

Welcome to the May newsletter. This month we have updated the reports Infant Milks in the UK, Infant Formula - An Overview, Costs of Infant Milks marketed in the UK and A simple guide to infant formula, follow on formula and other infant milks. Find out more about some of the changes below.

We also have an update on the Infant Formula Costs Inquiry which will run from June 4th until July 13th.

Infant milks in the UK

Infant Milks in the UK

We have updated the Infant Milks in the UK report to reflect recent product changes on the UK market.

There are quite a number of changes to the sections in the report and a summary of the section changes can be found here.

Goodbye Bebivita and Similac……

Sadly the own brand LIDL infant formula Bebivita has now been withdrawn in the UK, as has Similac, an Abbott product that was only available in Boots.

Little OnesBut we have a new ‘own brand’ UK made formula in Sainsbury’s Little Ones First Infant Milk which is now the joint cheapest infant formula on the market, and which is also suitable for vegetarians. There is also an unnecessary follow up version of this milk.


tummy top ups
We are disappointed to report that the new Little Ones range of baby food from Sainsbury’s is marketing itself from 4-6 months, advertising them as ‘little tummy top ups’. We will be writing to Sainsbury’s to ask them to consider supporting UK public health guidance and marketing baby food only from 6 months of age.

New products in the Kendamil range

KendalmilKendamil have also started to market an organic infant formula, and this will be sold at Sainsbury’s. The organic range includes a first milk, follow on milk and toddler milk. All the products in the Kendamil range are currently suitable for vegetarians.

Infant formula - An overview

Infant Milks - an overview

This summary report on infant formula (products that are regulated under the UK Infant formula regulations and which are suitable breastmilk substitutes in the first year of life) allows a comparison of products and also reviews some of the claims made for some of the products marketed in the UK.

Costs of infant milks marketed in the UK

Cost of infant milks in UK

We have also updated the costs report which provides information for all infant milks sold over the counter in the UK. There is considerable variation in the cost of products, with infant formula starter packs and ready-to feed products being particularly expensive. As many families find themselves financially squeezed and with limited food budgets it is important that clear and unbiased information on products is available.

Infant milks: A simple guide to infant formula, follow-on formula and other infant milks

Infant milks: A simple guide

We have also updated the simple guide which health professionals can use with families to provide a summary of key points about infant milks.

Parliamentary Inquiry into the costs of infant formula and how this impacts family food budgets.

inquiryThe APPG on Infant Feeding and Inequalities short parliamentary inquiry plans to gather information on how the costs of infant formula may be impacting on family food budgets. The Inquiry is set to go live the week of June 4th and will now close on July 13th.

We hope this Inquiry will also shed light on how families decide which formula brand to buy, how marketing of products, or milks provided in NHS maternity wards, may influence product choice and how different population groups within the UK may be affected by increased product costs. We are grateful to all the organisations who have offered to help spread the word about the Inquiry and we will be in touch with them, and many others to encourage responses.

The aim of the Inquiry is to build a picture of people’s lived experience through reported stories and conversations. We hope that all our newsletter readers will consider sending a response to the Inquiry. Hopefully it will be self-explanatory on the website, but any queries can always be sent to

Look out for links to the website, tweets and emails tagged #APPGIFI_Inquiry.

in case you missed it

New practical eat well resource

Eating well: snacks for 1-4 year olds

Eating well: snacks for 1-4 year olds

This new resource provides information and ideas on snacks for 1-4 year olds. We have provided information on snacks which are quick and easy and which are particularly suitable when out and about, and snacks that could be offered in early years settings.

The snacks support the guidance in the recently updated Voluntary food and drink guidelines for early years settings in England. Appropriate snacks are important for both meeting the nutritional needs of young children but also for protecting emerging and developing teeth. The resource is currently available as a free pdf download but some hard copies will be available at the end of the month.

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